Learning android development is so easy

If you are in all that programming thing then you probably want to learn about android app development. You want to publish your app on the google play store. Or, you are just interested in learning how an android app works under the hood. No matter what the reason is if you follow this path you are gonna learn android app development in the easiest way possible. And that’s how I learned android app development.

So, let’s begin the journey.

Firstly here I will tell you about a book which I read to learn android app development. And trust me guys this book is great for the beginning.

The book I’m talking about is Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide. This book uses lots of images, tells stories, and uses a conversational style that makes this book amazing and fun to read. I love reading conversational-style content. You feel like the author is directly talking to you. The book preview is available here.

Now I will tell you how can you effectively learn from this book?

This book provides lots of example codes. What you have to do is that you just understand the example and then don’t read next without writing and executing the code by yourself without seeing the code in the book. Because without practicing you will just learn but not effectively.

After reading this book and developing some simple apps. I learned all the advanced things like dependency injection tool dagger, RxJava, MVVM, and much more. After reading and developing some apps you can learn about these things easily. You just search on google and you will find great articles about all these things.

So, this is the end of this post. If you have anything to ask please comment below.

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